Smash Paddle

$ 5.99 USD

This BassMooch Smash Paddle says it all. Bass just can't resist it and smash it! This soft paddle tail swimbait is a versatile bait - perfect for pairing with your favorite swimbait jig head, jig ball head, or hook. Use it as a trailer for bladed jig, swim jig, or spinnerbait. It can also be used on your favorite alabama rig for getting smashed by those monster bass. The Smash Paddle tail has an erratic side-by-side swimming motion that is perfect for trigging bites. The ribbed, slim taper body allows for small vibrations in the water for triggering that lateral line stimulation for dirty or clearer water!

  • Versatile Paddle Tail Swimbait
  • Erratic Side-By-Side Tail Movement
  • Ribbed For Vibrating Water
  • Slim Taper Body

Color: Mickey Green